Plantar Fibroma Surgery

About 3 weeks ago I had surgery to remove 3 plantar fibromas from the arch of my foot.  Two were large and visible, with a 3rd one that was just starting to grow and could only be seen via an ultrasound.  It was pretty painful after about 30 minutes of being on my feet…a few hours and I would take Advil to reduce the swelling and pain….hence, the surgery.

I’m ready for the forced immobility to be over!  Ice (3-4 x a day) and elevation for 20+ hours a day to keep swelling down.  I even sleep in the recliner with my foot propped up on several pillows.

I’m on a non-weight bearing cast, so I use a knee scooter to get around, and have only left the house for doctor’s appointments since the surgery.

If I put weight on it before it heals, I could create scar tissue that will hurt worse than the nodules they removed and then I would have to have plastic surgery to remove the scar tissue….ah, no.

Going thru this once is enough,,,,not interested in going thru this again!  So, I’m being very good about staying off my foot and keeping it elevated!

I go back in about a week for another check-up and hopefully my foot is healed enough to get out of the hard cast and move to a removable boot and that I can start walking on my foot!  Looking forward to being able to walk on both feet!


Nodules/Fibromas before surgery.

left ft 2 weeks later

Incision 2 weeks after surgery – the “spine” will scab over and fall off.  I think it looks a bit like a woolly worm!


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  1. I wear crocs 100 percent when I’m not working. I have bilateral ledderhose. Just the original basic first version of them. I can’t wait to get those things on. I ache all the time.

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